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ARToolkit 2.70 with VRML support

The latest version is available from
and includes the following files:

ARToolkit-2.70.tgz Platform independent i386 i386

The ARToolKit is a collection of libraries, utilities applications, and documentation and sample code. The libraries provide the user with a means to capture images from video sources, process those images to optically track markers in the images, and to allow compositing of computer-generated content with the real-world images and display the result using OpenGL (Phillip Lamb, 2004). ARToolKit is designed to build on Windows, Linux, SGI Irix, andMacintosh OS X platforms.

Building on Windows
(Read the full release notes on Sourceforge for other platforms)


Build steps:
  1. Unpack the ARToolKit zip to a convenient location. This location will be referred to below as {ARToolKit}.
  2. Unpack the DSVideoLib zip into {ARToolKit}.
  3. Copy the files DSVideoLib.dll and DSVideoLibd.dll from{ARToolKit}\DSVideoLib\bin.vc70 into {ARToolKit}\bin.
  4. Run the script {ARToolKit}\DSVideoLib\bin.vc70\register_filter.bat.
  5. Install the GLUT DLL into the Windows System32 folder, and the library and headers into the VS platform SDK folders.
  6. Run the script {ARToolKit}\Configure.win32.bat to create include/AR/config.h.
  7. Open the ARToolKit.sln file (VS.NET) or ARToolkit.dsw file (VS6).
  8. Open the Visual Studio search paths settings(Tools->Options->Directories for VS6, or Tools->Options->Projects->VC++Directories for VS.NET) and add the DirectX SDK Includes\ path and theDirectX Samples\C++\DirectShow\BaseClasses\ path to the top of the search path for headers, and the DirectX SDK Lib\ path to the top of thesearch path for libraries.
  9. (Optional, only if rebuilding DSVideoLib). Build the DirectShow baseclasses strmbase.lib and strmbasd.lib. (More information can be found atThomas Pintarics homepage for DSVideoLib(
  10. Build the toolkit.The VRML renderering library and example (libARvrml & simpleVRML) are optional builds:
  11. Unpack the OpenVRML zip into {ARToolKit}.
  12. Copy js32.dll from {ARToolKit}\OpenVRML\bin into {ARToolKit}\bin.
  13. Enable the libARvrml and simpleVRML projects in the VS configuration manager and build.

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